Monday, September 20, 2010

    In The Lovers land

    What color dominant when we talk about love...?? Yepp, that's PINK. The next question, are you in fall in love with some one, or want to create "Love memories" page? If you said yes, I have a Lovely coordinate kit in that theme, LOVERS LAND. This kit also can be used in princess theme for your cute girl, baby girl birth, and other you can imagine with the color scheme. 

    and inspiration for you

    Before you download, please make sure you've read my TOU and please follow it. 

    Also support me by spread the word about my blog (Oh, and I start S4H bussiness too), leave a commentdonation, add my blinkie to your blog, follow me and protect my creation from piracy :) 

    and happy scrappin'


    Friday, September 17, 2010

    CU Roses Stock Freebie

    I am here again with roses extracted from photo. The photos downloaded from and I got permission from the site owner to distribute as scrapbook elements and use it for commercial. So, if you use this don't forget to give a credit to too. And if you need a free stock photo for free and use it for commercial project you can check that site :)

    Here is the Roses pack 
    *shadow not include

    HaPPy ScraPPin'

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    My (big) Plan and CU Freebie

    Hi Ladies (and gentleman if any), 

    I am back from Lebaran holiday and now I have a (big) plan!! 

    OK, first, let's talk about designer name. I have planning about change my design name from Creation by Mizz Kitten to Meta Wulandari Design. I know Mizz Kitten now is a little bit popular since I start designing...But I want to serious with this scrapbooking business (this is not mean I am stop to share freebie with you, don't worry). And this is my first step... LOL. Since I get lost my real life job, this is time to start for work at home! 

    Second, I have a new logo. Here is it (what do you think??)

    Then, I'll make over my blog and using custom domain (may be or So if you found my site soo ugly, it's mean I am in progress for this work, he he he. 
    Arrrgghhh, so many idea in my head but too hard for express it with my bad vocabulaire LOL 

    And now, this is your freebie Commercial Stash No 1 :-) 
    shadow not include 

    and don't forget to vote me at Pen Scrappers

    Happy Scrappin'


    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Full Kit Freebie : Garden of Dreams and My Little Request

     Do you love a fairy theme kit? Do you want to create a Dreamy Layout? 
    Here I share with you Garden of Dreams kit.

    This kit contains 18 papers and 86 elements, all are created in 300 dpi resolution for excellent quality printing. Enjoy the natural touch!
    Not all shown in the preview, drop shadow not include except only for realism effect.

     Here is a little inspiration for you

    I upload this in 2 part (total size195 MB)
    Before you download this wonderful kit, I have a planning to buy a Bamboo Wacom Tablet.
    Anyhow, since I can use $100 on better things, I decided to submit a layout to Wacom Pen Scrapper Contest. and I think, I have you to vote me, he he he. You can see "vote me" button in the sidebar and when you click on it you will see the layout I have submitted and vote for it :-)

    this button (you can also click this too)
    Vote 4 me at!

    Download your Garden of Dreams Kit

    and thanks for vote (you can vote me more than once and if you tweeting about this big thanks to you from me!!)

    Enjoy and Happy Scrapping,

    Meta {MizzKitten}

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    CU Freebie : MK Doodle Stash No 3

    I am back again with a CU stash freebie, MK Doodle Stash No 3 :-)


    Include in the zip 25 unique doodle, not all shown in preview.

    Download your MK Doodle No 3 here

    and don't forget to support me by spread the word about this blog, donation, add my blinkie to your blog, follow me and protect my creation from piracy :)

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    QP Freebie : Happy Quick Page Pack

    A view days ago I have share with you a Happy kit, and now I want to share with you HAPPY Quick Page Pack.
    If you don't have enough time for create a layout, use this QP :-)Include in the zip 4 unique and cute QP in PNG format :)


    well, I have plan to purchase a new camera and bamboo wacom tablet, so, donation are very welcome :) 
    Download your Happy Quick Page Pack
    and don't forget to support me by spread the word about this blog, donation, add my blinkie to your blog, follow me and protect my creation from piracy :)

    have a nice day,

    Meta {MizzKitten}
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