Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    New Kit : Penguins Play Day and Giveaway

    Actually I have this kit since a week ago but I am not blog it because mount Merapi has exploded and I should leave the town to avoid the volcanic dust. Also, I'll be MIA for the next two week (I'll sooooooo miss you all). So, girls, here is my new kit called "Penguins Play Day". 

    Want to own this kit for free? just leave me a comment here and I'll pick a random winner when I am back :) 
    Good Luck!!

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    GRAND OPENING : Meta Wulandari Design at MScraps now!

    Finally, Yyyyaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!
    After one year I closed my store at MBH because health issue, now I am 100% recovery and my creative soul is wake up! Thanks for anyone who pray for me :) Mizz Kitten is back to the digi scrapping bussiness with her true name, Meta Wulandari design. Now I am join to a good established store with a lot of talented designer and scrapper at MScraps. Yes, I know I am so lucky can be part of a wonderful team! And today is the day, Grand Opening of my store! 

    This spooky kit is good for preserving your Halloween memories, both in digital or printable. 
    include in the kit are 14 papers and 44 elements in 300dpi resolution. 

    ~ detail ~
    click image to enlarge

    ~ some inspirations ~
    click image to enlarge

     (layout created by Nixxie and Linda)

    Do you or your little princess love dance?
    Want to create some cutie page in fairy theme? 
    This Ballerina kit contains 10 papers in JPG format and 44 elements in PNG format.
    All are created in 300 dpi resolution for an excellent quality print.

    ~ detail ~
    click image to enlarge

    ~ some inspirations ~

    by hutchie 

    by Helen

    Oh, sure I can't just leave without freebie for you, this is a mini kit with green peace theme called 'GREEN'.

    Have a nice day, save our earth, stop global warming and happy scrapping, 
    always love you, 

    Meta Wulandari

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    My Bamboo and Doodle Word Art (freebie) !

    Hi ladies, 

    Finally, I am received my prize from Pen Scrappers. I am soooooo happy of course! Not only Bamboo, I also receive Digital scrapbook artist software and 2 DVD bonus from Daisy trail. I try to make my hand friendly with the new bamboo. It's a little bit hard because I have use mouse for create anything in PS since the first time. But I know, it just about habit and we can change it if we want. 

    the prizes

    and look what i able to create for the first time. Ahahaha, don't laugt to see this picture.

    Bobby and his little duck

    And of course I have a good stuff for you, doodle word art brush. I am just use brush in PS to create this. I know adobe Ilustrator is the best software for doodling, but that software is tooooo expensive. I hope someday I can purchase it or may be someone to donate me for this software?? LOL

    include in the zip file is 14 image in PNG format and one *abr file (brush). 
    You can use this for your CU, PU, S4H or S4O project. Feel free to use and don't forget to follow my TOU

    I'll be back again with more goodies, so please back again here. 

    Happy Scrapping, 

    Meta Wulandari

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Inspiration using {Beauty}Fall kit from Sasha

    Hi Girls, 

    Yesterday I am share the {beauty}fall kit at Mscraps and I got wonderful feedback, very nice comment (I have hear if Mscraps is really 'place to call home' and that's true) and a great layout by Sasha aka Mom2peanuts :-) Here is it, so inspiring! 

    Just love how she did this great clustering :-) 

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    {FESTI} FALL !!!!

    Firstly, I would say thanks to you all who have voted me at Penscrappers contest. Early in the morning I found an email from wacom that let me know if I am voted for a grand price winner, YAYYYY!!!!I am so happy of course, and now I am waiting for the bamboo. I promise to create a wonderful freebie for you using that (but patient, it's should be patient for waiting the price arrive o my home :D )

    And to celebrate it, I have a {FESTI}FALL. Let's have a party with me !

     I will share with you my new kit, just finished it a few days ago, and as always original. 
    S4H friendly kit called {BEAUTY}FALL 

    and some inspiration for you

    Still want more???
    I also have another great kit in HALLOWEEN theme called SPOOKTACULAR NIGHT 

    If you want to have this for free, all you need is just create any layout using my {BEAUTY}FALL kit,
    post it at your blog, or gallery, or facebook (just choose one of them) with a proper credit and link to this blog then come back here and leave me the link to your layout and your email.
    In the end of the month, I'll pick 3 of my favorite and 3 random lucky winner. 
    So start now!! No skill required, just any layout :D
     all contestant will receive a special gift from me after the end of the contest.
    The winners will be announced on 1st November 



    One more, don't be bored please :D
    I expand my S4H business with printing service
    and for a good start, I have a big deal for you.

    so, if you want to scrap your memories but don't have a time, let me help you, I Scrap For You, sweetie.
    any question, feel free to contact me.

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    In The Lovers land

    What color dominant when we talk about love...?? Yepp, that's PINK. The next question, are you in fall in love with some one, or want to create "Love memories" page? If you said yes, I have a Lovely coordinate kit in that theme, LOVERS LAND. This kit also can be used in princess theme for your cute girl, baby girl birth, and other you can imagine with the color scheme. 

    and inspiration for you

    Before you download, please make sure you've read my TOU and please follow it. 

    Also support me by spread the word about my blog (Oh, and I start S4H bussiness too), leave a commentdonation, add my blinkie to your blog, follow me and protect my creation from piracy :) 

    and happy scrappin'


    Friday, September 17, 2010

    CU Roses Stock Freebie

    I am here again with roses extracted from photo. The photos downloaded from and I got permission from the site owner to distribute as scrapbook elements and use it for commercial. So, if you use this don't forget to give a credit to too. And if you need a free stock photo for free and use it for commercial project you can check that site :)

    Here is the Roses pack 
    *shadow not include

    HaPPy ScraPPin'

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    My (big) Plan and CU Freebie

    Hi Ladies (and gentleman if any), 

    I am back from Lebaran holiday and now I have a (big) plan!! 

    OK, first, let's talk about designer name. I have planning about change my design name from Creation by Mizz Kitten to Meta Wulandari Design. I know Mizz Kitten now is a little bit popular since I start designing...But I want to serious with this scrapbooking business (this is not mean I am stop to share freebie with you, don't worry). And this is my first step... LOL. Since I get lost my real life job, this is time to start for work at home! 

    Second, I have a new logo. Here is it (what do you think??)

    Then, I'll make over my blog and using custom domain (may be or So if you found my site soo ugly, it's mean I am in progress for this work, he he he. 
    Arrrgghhh, so many idea in my head but too hard for express it with my bad vocabulaire LOL 

    And now, this is your freebie Commercial Stash No 1 :-) 
    shadow not include 

    and don't forget to vote me at Pen Scrappers

    Happy Scrappin'


    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Full Kit Freebie : Garden of Dreams and My Little Request

     Do you love a fairy theme kit? Do you want to create a Dreamy Layout? 
    Here I share with you Garden of Dreams kit.

    This kit contains 18 papers and 86 elements, all are created in 300 dpi resolution for excellent quality printing. Enjoy the natural touch!
    Not all shown in the preview, drop shadow not include except only for realism effect.

     Here is a little inspiration for you

    I upload this in 2 part (total size195 MB)
    Before you download this wonderful kit, I have a planning to buy a Bamboo Wacom Tablet.
    Anyhow, since I can use $100 on better things, I decided to submit a layout to Wacom Pen Scrapper Contest. and I think, I have you to vote me, he he he. You can see "vote me" button in the sidebar and when you click on it you will see the layout I have submitted and vote for it :-)

    this button (you can also click this too)
    Vote 4 me at!

    Download your Garden of Dreams Kit

    and thanks for vote (you can vote me more than once and if you tweeting about this big thanks to you from me!!)

    Enjoy and Happy Scrapping,

    Meta {MizzKitten}

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    CU Freebie : MK Doodle Stash No 3

    I am back again with a CU stash freebie, MK Doodle Stash No 3 :-)


    Include in the zip 25 unique doodle, not all shown in preview.

    Download your MK Doodle No 3 here

    and don't forget to support me by spread the word about this blog, donation, add my blinkie to your blog, follow me and protect my creation from piracy :)

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    QP Freebie : Happy Quick Page Pack

    A view days ago I have share with you a Happy kit, and now I want to share with you HAPPY Quick Page Pack.
    If you don't have enough time for create a layout, use this QP :-)Include in the zip 4 unique and cute QP in PNG format :)


    well, I have plan to purchase a new camera and bamboo wacom tablet, so, donation are very welcome :) 
    Download your Happy Quick Page Pack
    and don't forget to support me by spread the word about this blog, donation, add my blinkie to your blog, follow me and protect my creation from piracy :)

    have a nice day,

    Meta {MizzKitten}

    Monday, August 30, 2010

    CU Freebie : Rainbow Paper and Texture Overlay

    Hi All!! Hope you have a wonderful day.
    I am here to share with you CU freebie, and as always you can use it for PU/S4H/S4O too.

    Rainbow Paper and Texture Overlay

    and don't forget to support me by spread the word about this blog, donation, add my blinkie to your blog, follow me and protect my creation from piracy :)

    have a nice day,

    Meta {MizzKitten}

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    It's a Happy Time

    Hi, sorry for a little bit busy in real life and forget to update this blog. 

    Today let's make your day more happy with the Happy kit. This kit is PU/S4H/S4O OK. 

    Do you like it? just grab it for free and play!!! 
    Help me to spread the word about my blog, tweet this, donnation, and leave a comment. Your support make more freebies still coming. 

    Happy Scrappin'

    Meta {Mizz Kitten} 

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Q Studio sneak peak and chance to win

    Qonita aka Q Studio have created a fabulous kit and she give a sneak peek and chance to win at her blog. I really love with the color and she was great designer.

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    CU : Bead and Gems

    Another Commercial Use item for you, Bead and Gems.


    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    CU Freebie : Happy Jungle Stuff

    Well, bed time here but I am soooo happy today. Uhm...I can't tell to you what make me so happy (I am shy ^_^ ) but I'll make your day special with this great elements pack for your CU project. You also can use them for PU/S4H/S4O :-)

    Happy Jungle
    If you love them, help me to spread the word about my blog, tweet this, donnation, and leave a comment. Your support make more freebies still coming.


    Meta {Mizz Kitten}

    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    CU Freebie : Doodle Stash No.2

    Hi Girls! 
    I am here again to share with you Doodle Set no 2.
    Include in the zip are 25 doodles for your CU/PU/S4H/S4O project.
    (not all shown in preview)

    Oh, this is create just by normal pen, not a tablet (I don't have this), then I scan, remove the white paper and voila! May be you will found a lot of noice ^_^'

    Enjoy and Happy Scrapbooking!!

    Meta {Mizz Kitten}

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    Full Kit freebie : It's Time to Remember

    Hello my dear!
    Just want to share with you this beautiful kit, "REMEMBER".

     I upload this in 2 part, total size 170MB
    Support me by spread the word about this blog, following me, donation, and leave a message if you love this. 

    download here 

    And if you create a quick page using all my kit, feel free to share it as much it not layered form and don't forget to add link  to this blog as credit.  If you want to promote your creation via my blog to get more traffic, just contact me :-) 

     Happy Scrapping!
    Monkey Emoticons
    Meta {MizzKitten}
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