Sunday, June 27, 2010

    Hosting file and piracy

    Thanks for let me know if there is a trouble with new file hosting (ziddu). Pop Up, maleware etc. I'll change the download  link ASAP (I am out of the town now). If you have a suggestion, leave a message here. I don't know why since I am moving I have a trouble with 4 shared and mediafire :(

    One more bad news, my best friend tell me that she found my kit at sharing site. It's bad...and not only mine, there are a lot of file from digital crea, scrap bird etc over there. We have work hard to create design but the pirate don't wanna know about it :( They are share them like the kit is his own just to get easy $$$ from hosting site. It make me bad mood :( Grrrhh!!!

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    jane_david99 said...

    hi i use a share site called Adrive. here is the link if you are interested.
    it is free to use.

    MizzKitten said...

    thanks sweetie for the info...i'll try

    Michele said...

    Love all your kits! Thank you for sharing with us!

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