Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    FAQ and Support Me!

    How to Download My Creation?

    If you see something you like, find the download link at the post (until now I am upload my freebie at Mediafire and 4Shared). If you don't have premium account, just wait a few second and the download link will be available. Click it.
    Your browser should give you the option to open or save the zip file. We recommend choosing 'save' and then saving the file somewhere easy to remember, like your Desktop or 'My Documents' folder.
    If you wish to snap up my PTU stuff, just go to may store (MBH and KK)

    What is a *.zip file?
    Zip files are very quick and easy to deal with once you know how. They are used by zillions of websites across the internet (certainly not just Sims sites and certainly not just us!)
    If you have Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 your computer can already open zips. You can double click on them and copy the contents just like a regular Windows folder. It is not needed to get a special program, although we generally think it's a good idea to have one if you plan on downloading a lot of custom content. You absolutely do NOT need to pay for a zip program!
    here are lots of options when it comes to opening zip files and some are better than others.
    Our top recommendation is for Jzip - it's free, it's easy to download, install and use and it supports rar and 7zip files.

    How to Join Creation by MizzKitten?
    You can follow my blog and/or subscribe via email (view my sidebar).

    How to support Me?
    There are alot of way to help me :
    1. Donation via Paypal
    2. Spread the Word!
    Recommending this blog is also highly useful! If you are a site/blog owner, then posting a link here is great. Otherwise recommending us on forums where you hang out with other Scrapbookers or just generally posting our URL in helpful and relevant places will help not only attract visitors, but even just increasing the number of links in, can by itself improve the traffic situation. It increases the search engine 'presence' and allows more people to find me.
    More traffic that comes to this blog, the better my financial situation will be, LOL.
    3. Comment!
    It just for to let me know you like and love my creation.

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