Saturday, January 16, 2010

    About Me

    I am...
    My name is Meta Wulandari and I am from Indonesia. I've loved all things artsy for as long as I remember. I started scrapbooking about a year ago and fell in love with this hobby :-)  My day doesn’t feel complete without scrapping or designing.

    My style...
    is varied, it depend my mood. Sometimes I love clean and simple, but at another time I prefer messy. I am not fanatic with only one style ^_^ I love experimenting and trying new things. This make me feel free!

    Other hobby...
    Well, I loooove so much playing around the computer and see what I able to create. But sometimes, I spend my time for read a book and write a story. Oh, and doodling of course.

    Random things about...
    1. I have never taken an art/design class! he he he
    2. Love chocolate and ice cream so much
    3. I can't use twitter LOL (yet)

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    SHUARE said...

    Yo tambiƩn adoro el chocolate jejeje.

    A mi tambiƩn me gusta el scrap, el crear fondos y temas para el movil con el desguace, me resulta muy entretenido.

    Tengo enlazado tu blog porque me ha gustado mucho desde hace un tiempo.

    Un beso!

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