Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    CU Freebie : Ribbon Flower

    Dear readers, 

    I am back again :D It has been a long time I am not create a CU freebie, so today I bring a ribbon flowers for you. This is just a small pack, contains 3 ribbon flowers in PNG format. I don't create the recolor version because I believe you can do that by yourself, also to make it easy to upload and download for the poor connection like mine LOL 
    If you don't know how to recolor it to match with your project, for photoshop user, just go to Image --> Adjustment --> Hue Saturatution, then move the slider until you get color that you want. 
    Ok, time to snap up this goodies :D 

    please leave a comment if you like this to let me know should I continue create stuff like this or not, also for support me :)

    Happy scrapping, 


    Monday, September 12, 2011

    My NDC Round 2 Kit

    Well, I am so glad to let you know if I can pass the first round at NDC. I am working seriously for the second round, paint each elements with detail, combine a bright and contrast color, and voila is the result. I hope this is not too 'ordinary'. 

    not required, but would be appreciate if you leave comment at the gallery :) 



    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Designer Challenge @ The Studio, Lot's of Freebies!

    Hi ladies, 

    Have you hear about designer contest at Digital Scrapbooking Studio?? I am just view about that yesterday and try to join. It's hard (for me) to finish a mini in a few hour but finally I am done :D Here is my submission. I don't have enough time to add a fairy face at the girl LOL 

    You can download the mini at :
    It's free and you can download other mini kit too. Woohooooo!!! Love to see new tallent over there. Wish my luck and happy scrapping, 


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